After Hours Comfort Care

If you have a true orthodontic emergency, like a hit to the mouth, that can’t be handled with one of the below suggestions and it’s outside our regular office hours, please call 310-648-4208. Someone from our team at Summer Orthodontics will return your call as soon as possible.

Please don’t wait until you arrive for your next regularly scheduled appointment to let us know about something loose or broken. If we know ahead of time, we can often adjust the length of your appointment to make the repair.

Alleviating Discomfort

At first your braces will feel like they are sticking out, which is completely normal. As you get used to your braces and tooth alignment improves, this sensation will disappear and will cease to be a concern.  In fact, when you get your braces off, your teeth will feel strange without them for a while, too!

Even though the brackets have been rounded and smoothed you may find it helpful to use a small piece of wax around a bracket that is creating an irritation.  As your cheeks toughen, you will have fewer irritations.

Some teeth, often the front teeth, may be tender and sensitive to pressure at first. Most patients have some soreness during the first eight hours which will gradually disappear.

Exactly when the discomfort ceases is impossible to predict and is different for each patient.  If you want, you can also take an over-the-counter pain medication to help.

Broken Brackets & Appliances

As a general rule, you should call the office at 310-648-4208 when you experience severe pain or when you have a painful appliance problem that you can’t take care of yourself. We’ll be able to schedule an appointment to resolve the problem.

You might be surprised to learn that you may be able to temporarily solve many problems yourself until you schedule an appointment with our office. When working with your appliances, you need to know the names of the parts of your appliances so you are able to identify what part is broken or out of place.

After alleviating your discomfort, it is very important that you still call our office as soon as possible to schedule a time to repair the problem. Allowing your appliance to remain damaged for an extended period of time may result in disruptions in your treatment plan.