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Ask Dr. Summer

What is the typical cost of braces?

There is a wide range of pricing for braces based on treatment time and the type of braces used. Summer Orthodontics offers a wide range of treatment and financing options to help meet almost every budget. The real cost of braces is the time invested to achieve an ideal smile.  Braces are very inexpensive when compared to other treatments, such as veneers.

What are the different types of braces? 

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Self-ligating metal braces (Damon, In-Ovation, SmartClip)
  • Clear/Ceramic braces (self-ligating and traditional)
  • Lingual braces (Incognito)

What types of braces are most popular?

Metal braces are the most commonly used today.

Is the cost of orthodontic braces less if I don't need them very long?

In most cases shorter treatment times cost less than longer treatment times.

How much will invisible braces cost? 

There are different options for "invisible" braces.  The following "invisible" braces are available in order of most expensive to least expensive:  Incognito (lingual braces), Invisalign (clear removable aligners) and ceramic/clear brackets.  The most esthetic or invisible of the above choices is Incognito but it also far more costly compared to Invisalign or clear brackets.

How much will Invisalign braces cost? 

The cost of Invisalign varies depending on the complexity of the case and length of treatment.  It is comparable to the cost of orthodontic treatment with clear/ceramic braces.  

What does insurance pay in typical orthodontic coverage? 

Orthodontic coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company. Give our office a call at 310-545-0770 and we would be happy to determine exactly what your current plan covers.

Do clear braces cost more than other types? 

Yes, clear braces cost more than metal braces.

Do braces cost more the longer you have them?

Typically, this is the case.

Does Invisalign cost more than metal braces?

Typically, Invisalign does cost more than metal braces.

Does an orthodontist cost more for children or adults? 

The price of orthodontics is usually the same for both children and adults.  However, adults typically choose more esthetic treatment which results in a more expensive fee.

What types of dental braces do adults prefer?

Invisible braces, such as Invisalign (http://www.invisalign), or Lingual, which are behind the teeth, such as Incognito (

Do lingual braces cost more than standard braces?

Yes, lingual braces are the most expensive form of braces. This is because working behind the teeth throughout the treatment process is more difficult and complex than standard braces.

Do braces hurt?

A patient's teeth are usually sore for about two days after an adjustment.  It is mostly uncomfortable with eating.  However, with modern orthodontics, there is less discomfort due to much smaller forces being used.  Of all of the treatment options, Invisalign is the least uncomfortable.

Are invisible braces prices less for shorter treatment times?

Yes, this is typically the case.

What is your opinion of ceramic vs. metal braces?

From a results perspective, ceramic and metal braces are virtually the same.  The primary benefit of ceramic braces is they are less visible.  However, they take a bit more TLC.

What are ceramic braces? 

Ceramic braces are similar in color to teeth to provide a more esthetic option to metal braces.

What is the price of ceramic braces? 

The price of ceramic braces is virtually the same as metal braces.

What are the pros and cons of ceramic braces?

The advantage of ceramic braces is that they are less visible. There are really no cons other than they are more visible compared to Invisalign or Incognito.

Do ceramic braces stain teeth?


What are the most popular types of braces for adults?

Adults tend to prefer invisible or hidden braces such as Invisalign or Incognito.

Do you recommend different types of braces for teeth that are really crooked? 

Depending on how complexity of a case, recommendations for types of braces are given during the initial consultation.

What are most popular of the different types of dental braces?

Metal are the most popular types of braces.

Do lingual braces work?


Are lingual braces more expensive than standard braces?

Yes, because of the complexity and skill required to work behind the teeth, lingual braces are more expensive.

What are the lingual braces pros and cons?

Pro: Two of the pros of lingual braces are that they are completely invisible and the treatment time is the same as traditional braces.
Cons:  It is common for speech to be affected for about two weeks after placement of lingual braces. Also, lingual braces can irritate the tongue and have longer appointment times.

Do lingual braces hurt?

Not any more than traditional braces.  However, it takes a little longer to get acquainted with lingual braces since they are near your tongue.

Is the price for lingual braces more than clear braces?

Yes, lingual braces are more expensive than clear braces.

How much do lingual braces cost? 

Lingual braces require a completely different approach to treatment.  The brackets are custom made to each tooth out of gold.  The wires are custom bent by computer automated production equipment.  This technology combined with the additional experience and education of the orthodontist results in a more expensive treatment option. Also, in addition to the extra expense, the appointments are typically 20 minutes longer than traditional braces. 

How do I safely remove food stuck in my braces?

The most effective methods are to floss, use an interproximal brush and a toothbrush. The team at Summer Orthodontics will provide specific instructions at the time your braces are place. And of course, we are always available throughout your treatment plan to answer any questions you may have.

Is jaw surgery typical with orthodontics? 

No, it is especially uncommon with early treatment, called Phase 1. Plus, there have been many advances in treatment which can accomplish what used to require surgery.

How much does it cost to get braces? 

The cost of braces varies depending on treatment time and the type of braces used. The fees include everything required to get an ideal smile and keep it.

What is the standard iBraces price? 

iBraces is now called Incognito.  They are still lingual braces but have greatly improved. 

What are the most popular color combinations for braces? 

I am going to have to say blue and gold because I am a Bruin.  :) However, we have a large variety to choose from, so if you get tired of the color you pick you can always try something new!

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