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Diagnostic Records

Diagnostic RecordsAfter you've submitted the Medical History form, we will begin taking 'records'. These diagnostic records consist of digital radiographs, digital photographs and a direct exam by Dr. Summer.

Digital Radiographs

Digital Radiographs, or digital x-rays, are taken using a "PanCeph machine". This machine allows for pictures to be taken from a variety of angles using extremely low dosage of radiation. In fact, the dosage is so low, airplane passengers are exposed to more radiation than what is required to collect these images.

From these radiographs, Dr. Summer is able to check the position of the roots of your teeth, location of unerupted baby teeth or impacted molars, as well as various characteristics of the bones of your jaw and face.

Digital Photographs

Diagnostic RecordsDigital Photographs are taken with a high resolution camera. These photographs are taken from multiple angles to see the position of every tooth. The photographs can be best described as the "Before" pictures. The "After" pictures are taken upon completion of treatment, of course.

Direct Exam

The last stage of Diagnostic Records is the direct exam by Dr. Summer. By this time, Dr. Summer has reviewed your medical history, digital radiographs and photographs. Dr. Summer will ask you what your primary concerns and your goals for treatment before beginning the exam. Dr. Summer will dictate her observations to the Treatment Coordinator who will record them to your file.

It usually takes 15-20 minutes to gather all of the Diagnostic Records. Once the Diagnostic Records are complete, Dr. Summer will recommend your Treatment Plan.

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